Galveston History Tour Guide - experience galveston island history as if you were there!
Galveston's only Tour Guide featured
on the Smithsonian Channel!
Welcome to the island's most entertaining, informative and personal look at Galveston Island's incredible history.

Host George Douglas Lee, BOI (born on the island) is an expert on the history, culture and romance of Texas' Gulf Coast treasure.

You'll feel like you were there when Galveston was named the "isle of misfortune" by a lost Spanish explorer named "cow head". A city of firsts, scene of the most deadly natural disaster in US history, and famous for eccentric characters and a loony past.
Discover a parallel universe of comical twists, where the founders and heroes were con men, swindlers, crooks, nutcases and dreamers. Travel through time, from the beaches to the centuries-old mansions; to Victorian era downtown "Wall Street of the South", and see the diverse, even eccentric and beautiful architecture, port, historic churches, cemeteries and what remains of the wide-open "free state of Galveston".  

Call 409 370-7350

Meet for tours at 2217 Strand, Suite 107 - B in downtown Galveston, inside the Old Galveston Square building. 
Individual rates are $25.00 per person, Group and hourly rates available. You can also have a seat in the G. Lee Gallery and watch "Perfect Storms: America's Deadliest Disaster", a 50 minute documentary about the 1900 Storm produced by Entertainment One. The documentary features your tour guide, George Douglas Lee, and is shown internationally on the Smithsonian Channel.

You're listening to: "Island Acres" by George Douglas for your audio enlightenment!
Call for an appointment for Galveston Island's Premiere History Tour and see why people love it! 409 370-7350

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